Amanda + Brian

Wish Well House, Georgetown, TeXas | Ame SoEUr Events

Amanda and Brian have a “meet cute” story that can’t be beat: Amanda first spied Brian when she was walking her dog (who is very large, mind you) around the apartment complex. She thought for sure this attractive man was taken, as he was clearly walking his girlfriend’s Yorkshire terrier. One day the two pups stopped for a friendly-doggo hello and introduced their humans. Turns out that tiny terrier was in fact Brian’s. The couple (and the dogs) hit it off immediately. 

Fast forward two years to Amanda and Brian's October wedding at the fashion-forward Wish Well House in Georgetown, Texas—infused with contemporary style and touches of bold fall colors. Yet these unique design choices pale in comparison to the emotional rollercoaster of the day, anchored by Amanda’s entrance into the ceremony with tears welling in her eyes—her groom was crying, her Dad was crying, and even the best man was crying. As the evening progressed the happy tears transformed to happy whoops on the dance floor, which raged for a full three hours before the couple escaped in Brian’s Bronco to end the night. 

Wishwell House
Georgetown, TEXAS
Ame Soeur Events



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