We met freshman year of college while living in the same dorm hallway at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where Zach was studying film and Jamie photography. It didn’t take long for us to hit it off—we bonded over our taste in music, dancing, art, and pizza. We were just babies at the time, but somehow we knew that this was a forever kind of love.

After graduating, we spent three months driving around the country in a minivan, adventuring, photographing, and searching for a new hometown (Jamie is from Maryland originally, Zach is from Ohio). All of that exploring led us to Austin, where we settled into our first home together with our two mutts—a TINY little rental in Hyde Park we affectionately referred to as “the hut.” We shot our first wedding a few months later and discovered that this unique combination of visual art and storytelling was the perfect blend of our strengths. 

We’ve been shooting weddings together ever since, including a 3-year stint in New Mexico while Jamie earned her master's degree in photography. In 2019 we expanded to “three fish,” adding our awesome little daughter Lucy to the crew. 

About us

This is the story of two crazy art school kids who fell in love: 

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Tell us your plans!

"XO" by Beyoncé—and we did it on roller skates!

Actually we had blueberry cobbler and strawberry rhubarb crisp, cause yummmmm.

Indianapolis… it’s a long story.

When the swarm of mayflies descended on our ceremony just in time for our first kiss—it was mostly magical and only a teeny bit gross. 

Favorite Moment


Wedding Cake

First Dance

An intimate affair with our immediate families on the shores of Mackinac Island, Michigan.

A weekend of summer camp fun with all of our loved ones—kickball, canoes, and a wild dance party included!

“The Princess Bride” theme song—maybe we’re just a little nerdy.

Bride's Processional

Our Ceremony

Our Reception

Wedding edition

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