Mollie + Ryan

The million dollar smiles, the throw-your-head-back-and-laugh energy, the happy tears from everyone in attendance—Mollie and Ryan’s wedding checked every box. Held at The Addison Grove just outside of Austin, Texas, Mollie and Ryan’s wedding embodied classic contemporary style with just a touch of rustic flair. Mollie’s bridesmaids wore shimmering champagne dresses that perfectly offset her sophisticated modern gown. The ceremony site, encircled by 100-year old oak trees, was bedecked with pale peach roses, ranunculus, and boughs of pussy willow. 

Guests gathered in the perfect Texas spring weather to watch Mollie and Ryan say “I do” in a short but sweet wedding ceremony. Afterwards, guests enjoyed craft cocktails on the covered patio, overlooking the cattle pasturing in the meadow below. At sunset, Mollie and Ryan escaped for a private moment to dance under the oak trees and say hello to the longhorns, during which Ryan surprised Mollie by scooping her up and throwing her over his shoulder in excitement. The couple brought this energy forward into the reception—laughing and crying as their friends and father’s toasted (and roasted) them. As the candles burned low and drinks flowed, friends and family gathered on the dance floor to celebrate. Side note: If more than one pair of pants rips at your party, you know it was a staggering success. 

The Addison Grove
36th Street Events



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